• Private Label Service

    Private Label Service
    Private Label JoMay Beauty is a company that integrates production, factory and sales. We can provide private labeling services to create products of our own brand for customers. We can provide private labeling service, eyelashes, glue, tweezers and other products to put your own exclusive label. As of today, we have helped more than 2,600 customers own their own brands. Don't worry about minimum order quantity, we are the world's top factory, with advanced equipment, even 10 boxes of eyelashes can help you build your own brand. WhatsApp:15666688384 Email:info@jomaybeauty.com
  • About JoMay Beauty

    About JoMay Beauty
    Our Story JoMay Beauty Only Do High-Quality Products         Who We Are . ___     JoMay Beauty is a company that has been producing and selling eyelash products for 6 years. The eyelashes produced every year are sold to 56 countries around the world. JoMay Beauty has its own large-scale production factory and is one of the world's top eyelash leading brands.  We are a one-stop shopping mall for sell Lash extension and Nail products , Lash Glue,Lash Tweezers,Lash Tools, Nail Pollishes, here you can find all the products you need for your beauty salon, we provide wholesale prices, and all are of high-quality....
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