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JoMay Beauty Only Do High-Quality Products


Who We Are .


JoMay Beauty is a company that has been producing and selling eyelash products for 6 years. The eyelashes produced every year are sold to 56 countries around the world. JoMay Beauty has its own large-scale production factory and is one of the world's top eyelash leading brands.  We are a one-stop shopping mall for sell Lash extension and Nail products , Lash Glue,Lash Tweezers,Lash Tools, Nail Pollishes, here you can find all the products you need for your beauty salon, we provide wholesale prices, and all are of high-quality.

How We Started.


In 2016, we started to focus on the production of false eyelashes, we are committed to providing the best quality lashes&lash tools for lash makers.

In 2019, we have successively developed Nail products and Tools, Eyebrow Tattoo tools, and provided more convenient services to more beauty salons. We hope to provide complete products and technical services for Eyelash Extension, Nail Art, and Eyebrow Tattoo workers, help beauty workers build top-notch salon experience shops, and bring more women a beautiful and exquisite appearance.


Why We do it.


We want to provide high-quality products to all beauty workers and help them save costs. We have included eyelash extension products so that you can buy all the products you need in our store. We are committed to providing our customers with a unique, excellent, and thoughtful online shopping experience.


Why Choose Us.


We are a large manufacturer of eyelash products and one of the leading brands in the world. We offer private label service,OEM,ODM.

We have perfect after-sales service. When there is a problem with the product, we can return and exchange the product unconditionally within 14 days

 Adhering to the business philosophy of “Only do high-quality products”, the company produces the best quality eyelashes, and uses the high-quality Korean Shinrong as raw materials to provide customers with the healthiest eyelash products. The company passed ISO 9001 management system certification and SGS product certification.

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